Saturday, June 6, 2015

Passport rules made easy for Government Staff- No need for NOC from departments

Applications of Government Employees who submitted NOCs will be processed under Post-Police Verification basis-MEA says, no need for NOC from departments; prior intimation letter feature introduced

  1. The Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) has simplified the procedure for issuance of “normal” passports to government and public sector unit employees.
  2. Government employees were finding it difficult to obtain identity certificates and no-objection certificates from their departments. Hence, the passport office has decided to introduce a new feature- prior intimation letter.
  3. “Employees applying for passports have to submit a prior intimation letter along with their application. A copy of the prior intimation will be sent to the controlling or administrative authority of the applicant. If the employer has any objection regarding issuance of the passport to the employee, they should appear in person at the Regional Passport Office concerned, mentioning the details of such objections. However, the final decision will be taken by the passport issuing authority,” the statement issued by passport authorities mentioned.
  4. Any one of the documents mentioned in the checklist table can be submitted by government staff for submission of application for passports.
  5. Military personnel with C/O APO Address(E.G 56 APO/99APO)may submit applicatoons at their station of posting or at permanent address,and write permanent address in pass port(against present address otherwise).Their Spouses (and adult children,when spouse has expired/Divorced)may receive pass port,with authority letter by hand or post.
  6. If Govt/PSU employees are transferred after submission of application or pass port is returned undelivered due to transfer,it will be re-dispatched on request(with copy of transfer order)




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