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Rc No Acad-I/1504/2015 , Dated :10.06.2015 TSWREIS – Academic I – OP-EINSTEIN – 2015

Rc No Acad-I/1504/2015                                                                           Dated :10.06.2015.

Sub :    TSWREIS – Academic I – OP-EINSTEIN – 2015 - Meeting conducted with all the District Co-ordinators on 9th June 2015 at TSWR School/JC Narsingi, R.R.District  to review on improvement of Academic standards during the year 2015-16 - Certain instructions issued to the District Coordinators and Principals of TSWR Institutions – Reg.                                                                                                                                                                                

            Ref :1) Instructions of the Secretary TSWREIS, Hyderabad  on 02.06.2015.
                   2) This Office Circular Rc No Acad-I/1504/2015, dt 05.06.2015.


            The Attention of the District Coordinators, Principals and teachers of TSWR Institutions is invited to the subject and references cited above

The Secretary, TSWREI Society, Hyderabad has conducted a meeting with the District Coordinators on 9th June 2015 at TSWR School/Jc Narsingi, R.R. District at 10.00 AM.

The following decisions have been taken on the agenda Items :
I)              2015-2016 year of Maths and Science (Physics) centric.

            The academic year 2015-16 is declared as the year of Maths and Science (Physics) centric.
The programme is code named as “OPERATION EINSTEIN - 2015” and should be implemented immediately and effectively.

            The District Coordinators, Principals and Teachers of TSWR Institutions shall  implement the following  to make the academic year 2015-16 as Maths and Science (Physics) centric.

Mathematics :

Ø  Introducing shortcut methods in teaching the subject and create curiosity and healthy atmosphere among the students.

Ø  All the teachers should try to change the mindset of the students by exposing them to easy methods of learning, so that the fear of Maths is removed.

Ø   The teacher should be friendly with the students and see that every student speaks out his/her doubts in the classroom.

Ø  All the teachers should concentrate on teaching the concepts by giving live examples and using appropriate, colourful teaching learning material

Ø  By conducting regular Quiz Competitions and introduce some games connected to the subject and also by showing animation movies to the students.

Ø  Specific strategy should be adopted for every topic while teaching, so as to make it interesting for the students.

Ø  The teachers should not directly focus on the topic, the teacher should  tell the topic in the form of a story and then concentrate on the actual subject.

Ø  The teachers should try to prepare a math lab with the available material so that the students can learn the basic concepts.

Ø  Maths should be taught with simple tips so that the subject will be interesting to the students.

Ø  The teacher should recapitulate the basics from the students so that the teacher can proceed further with confidence.


Ø  The teachers should try to remove the phobia among the students that the Physics is a hard subject.

Ø  To identify the basic concepts in all the major topics in Physics like Light, Magnetism, Electricity etc and explain the concepts with examples.

Ø  The subject has to be taught to the students using the kits and lab materials in some of the chapters which they feel difficult. 

Ø  Definitions should be taught with real life situations.

Ø  The teachers should try to make the students prepare more number of experiments using the available material.

Ø  Reference books should be used, while the teachers prepare for teaching.

Ø  The teachers should use the internet and download the videos, lectures etc available pertaining to the subject and show it to the students, so that they can grasp easily by seeing pictures.

Ø  School libraries should be well equipped with reference books.

Ø  The teachers should try to build confidence among the students in learning the subject.

Ø  To arrange guest lectures with good faculty in the subject.

Ø  Exposure for the JLs should be taken up by the DCO’s by arranging workshops and guest lectures.

Ø  The teachers should use the demonstration methods by using teaching aids and it should be made activity based learning.

Ø  Monthly workshops to be conducted at the District level  to the faculty dealing with the subject, where in they have to discuss the topics to be taught during that month

Ø  Application of the subject in daily life should be taught by the teachers to make the subject more interesting.

II)           Six Sigma Project:

Ø  The Base line test for classes 9th and 10th will be conducted on 25.06.2015.
(Detailed instructions will be mailed later)

Ø  The students who have secured marks less than 30 out of 100 will be accommodated in another institution. This will be called the ‘STAR BATCH’ and the students will be taught basic concepts, given more assignments, re-teaching of difficult topics etc will be done.

Ø  The STAR-BATCHES will be separate for Boys and Girls and will be accommodated in separate TSWR Institutions.

Ø   The District Coordinators are responsible for the improvement of the Star batch that will be created separately for boys and girls.

Ø  The Head Office will provide the required resources to the DCOs.

Ø   The Secretary, will review the performance of the STAR BATCHES every month.

III)         SUPER BATCH :

Ø  The super batch will be created for conducting long term coaching in EAMCET/CLAT/CACPT.

Ø  The motto for the super batch will be “You WILL be what you WILL to be”

Ø  SUPER BATCH students will be selected by conducting a test for 1st year intermediate students.

Ø  Involvement of the students should be more in this “SUPER BATCH”

Ø  The students should be exposed to various ways of learning i.e through experiments, assignments, group discussions, projects, debates, library, reference books, guest lecturers etc.

IV)         Action packed Saturdays :

Ø  All Saturdays in every TSWR Institutions should be action packed.

Ø  There should be seminars, group discussions, debates, Interhouse competitions, etc.

Ø  The evenings should be fun-filled with activities. 

Ø  Thus every Saturday will be a compendium of activities.

Ø  The schedule of all activities in detail will be sent in the next circular.

V)           Re-orientation of Magnet Schools

Ø  The Magnet schools will be continued for the academic year 2015-16.

Ø  The Magnet schools will be strengthened by providing 3 extra teachers in the subjects of Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Ø  A separate time table will be implemented in all the Magnet Schools.

Ø  Best teachers / Lecturers will be selected and posted to Magnet schools  after conducting a test/Interview.

Ø  If the performance of the teachers is not up-to the mark, then they will be shifted to other institution on administrative grounds.

Ø  There shall be renewed focus on the language development in the institution. The Principal/Teachers/Staff and students shall speak in English only.

Ø  The students studying in Magnet schools must be prepared to appear for all competitive examinations and events.

Ø  There should be a change in the pedagogy and the teacher should be a real facilitator from classes 5th to 10th. Hereafter all the teachers will be referred as “facilitators”.

Ø  Additional budget will be provided by the Society to all the Magnet schools basing on the request of the Principals and DCOs and availability of funds.

Ø  Dr. B.R Ambedkar Centenary Junior College for Girls, Khammam, Khammam District and Dr. B.R Ambedkar Centenary Junior College for Boys Hathnoora, Medak District  are designated as LONG TERM EAMCET Colleges and all the facilities that are provided to the existing Magnet schools will be extended to these colleges.

Ø  Academic standards should be improved in all the Magnet Schools.

All the District Coordinators and all the Principals of TSWR Institutions are hereby directed to see that the “OPERATION EINSTEIN – 2015 ” is extensively discussed in all the staff meetings, school assemblies and parents meetings and implemented with lot of gusto.
Sd/- R S Praveen Kumar

All the District Coordinators of Telangana State.
Copy to all the Principals of TSWR Institutions.
Copy to all the Officers in the Head Office.
Copy to file.




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