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RMSA Annual Grants 2009-2010(Guidelines)


    Rc.No. 9/RMSA/2009                                                         Dated: 31.03.2010.

    Sub:- SE- RMSA- Release of 1st installment of Central Share as Grant-in-aid to the AP Secondary Educational Society, Hyderabad towards implementation of RMSA Programme in AP for the year 2009-10 – Release of School Annual Grant– Reg.

    Read:- 1. Lr.No.F.1-66/2009-Sch.1, dated 11.03.2010 from the Under Secretary to Government, GOI, MHRD, Dept.  of School Education and Literacy, School-1 Section, New Delhi.
               2. Lr.No. Spl/01/Science/B3/SCERT/2010, dated 15.03.2010 received from the Director, SCERT, AP, Hyderabad.


              All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the GOI vide reference read above have released 1st installment of Central Share of Recurring grant (25% of Central Share) i.e., Rs. 1275.51 lakhs. Out of that the following component wise amounts are allocated to each of the 10163 Government Secondary Schools towards School Annual Grant and Minor Repair for 8548 Government Secondary Schools in the State:  

    Total amount sanctioned & released by GOI
    School Annual Grant for 10163 government secondary schools, as per the following break up
    @ Rs.7500.00 per School
    Repair/replacement of laboratory equipment and purchase of lab consumables for Govt. school.

    Purchase of books periodicals, newspapers for Government schools

    Water/Electricity charges etc., for Govt. Schools

    Minor repair for 8548 Govt. Schools
    @ Rs. 4687.50 per school

    Therefore the C&DSE and Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA, Hyderabad is pleased to sanction and release of an amount of Rs.7425/- (rupees seven thousand four hundred and twenty five only)  after deducting an amount of Rs. 75/- (rupees seventy five only) for meeting the expenditure on printing and supply charges of School Academic Calendar 2010-11  in Telugu and English versions @ two per school and Rs. 4687.50 (rupees four thousand six hundred eighty seven and fifty paise only) as Minor Repair Grant to 8548     Government Secondary Schools directly to the SMDC accounts by way of ECS system through SBI, Red Hills Branch, Hyderabad directly.

      The above grant should be utilized by the School Management Development Committees constituted for implementation of CSS RAMSA scheme at school level in the State duly following the terms and conditions stipulated by Government of India.

    (i)           Recurring costs as detailed above shall be drawn and utilized during the current financial year 2009-10.
    (ii)         The grantee shall keep the amount sanctioned for RMSA under a separate bank account and maintain separate account for its disbursement and expenditure as per rules.
    (iii)       It shall be utilized by the grantee only for undertaking activities as proposed in the sanction and in consonance with the norms of expenditure in the scheme.
    Further the norms prescribed by GOI on School infrastructure, learning resources, teachers and others from Para 4.1 to 4.8 and from Para 8.3.1 to 8.3.7 on management structure at school level for implementation of RMSA Scheme at school level is herewith enclosed. They are also requested to communicate the same to all the Headmasters of Government Secondary Schools to strictly adhere to the instructions/norms immediately.

    Further while communicating a copy of the reference 2nd read above they are requested to communicate the same relating to purchase of laboratory equipments and lab consumables (Physical Science, Bio Science and Mathematics) to all the Government Secondary Schools functioning under their control with instructions to purchase the needy and useful items for imparting Science Education to IX and X class studying students in the School subject to condition that “so far as the schools not having proper/functional lab, while spending the funds released for purchase of lab consumables/equipment and only such items may be purchased which are easily storable and would be assist towards gradual building up of a proper lab”.

    A copy of the list of identified 10163 Government Secondary Schools to which School Annual Grants are released and 8548 Government Schools for which Minor Repair Grant are released are herewith communicated for further necessary follow up action in the matter.

    Encl:- as above
                Sd/- POONAM MALAKONDAIAH
      Commissioner & Director of School Education
                                                     and Ex-Officio Project Director RMSA.
    All the District Educational Officers in the State.
    Copy to all the Collectors and District Magistrate in the State.
    Copy to all the RJDSEs in the State for information and to take necessary follow up action in the matter.

    Rc.No.1892/B1/2010                            O/o the District Educational Officer,
    dated: 07.05.2010                                                  Chittoor.

    True Copy communicated to all the Deputy Educational Officers and Heads of High schools in the District for taking necessary action accordingly.

    Sd/- K.Samuyelu
    District Educational Officer,

    All the Headmasters of High Schools
    All the Dy Educational Officers


    Details of Expenditure and utilization of grants:

    1.Annual Grants: [Rs.7425]

    1[a] Repair/replacement of Laboratory Equipments Purchase of Lab consumable articles [Rs.4687.50]

    •  Science lab for classes IX-X
    •  Replacement and/ or repairing of laboratory equipments
    •  Purchase of consumables/chemicals etc.
    •  Upkeep of laboratories
    •  Any other activity relating to Science and Mathematics.

    1[b] Purchase of Books, periodicals, news papers etc. [Rs.1800-00][Rs.75/- already remitted to academic calendar]

    •  Purchase of books with due reference to the lists of books
    recommended by the Kendriya vidyala samithi (KVS) (or)
    •  List recommended by the State Governments (or)

    •  Text Books and Reference Books for teachers should also be
    included [only related to academic purpose].
    •  (or) as per the scheme formulated by Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library
    Foundation, the nodal agency of Govt. of India to support public
    library services and systems.

    1[c] Water and Electricity Charges [Rs.937.50]

    • Top Priority should be given to provide Drinking water facilities to the children.
    • Electrification should be provided in the class rooms. (or) Electricity bills paid in  year 2009-10 (if not availed from ZP)

    2] Minor Repairs [Rs.4687.50]

    Following repairing works can be undertaken,

    •  School building
    •  Toilets [most priority should be given to the girls toilets]
    •  Tanks
    •  Play Ground
    •  Campus
    •  Conservancy Services
    •  Electrical fittings
    •  Sanitary & Other fittings
    •  Furniture and fixtures etc.
    • Grants will be available only for those schools which have existing
    buildings of their own

         The UC’s should be submitted in duplicate to RMSA, Chittoor Office through concerned Dy.E.O of their divisions on or before 15.09.2010.  This is treated as most urgent.




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