Monday, June 8, 2015

Telangana Teachers Transfers and Promotions Counselling

  • Here we are providing Govt praposals on transfers:
    1. No web counselling for teachers transfer, the counselling should be conducted only old method.
    2. In this counselling, Unions leaders will sit in another room & they can see on screen for observing the transfers and promotions process.
    3. Long standing 5yrs
    4. The Govt should be conducted the rationalisation first, after transfers will be done,
    5. Transfers for GHMs would be complete by 27th June & goes on.
    6. Transfers and Promotions for SAs would be completed by July 1st. 2015
    7. Below 25% result achievers HM & SAs may be transferred compulsory.
    8. Previous DSC selected candidates may be appointed.
    9. Promotions to HM & SA posts only in all dists.
    10. Conselling process will be Video graphed.
    The Official Transfers and Promotions Counselling Schedule as follows

  • TS Teachers Transfers and Promotions Counselling Schedule 
    S.NoItem of WorkDate
    1Display of tentative vacancy list of ategory wise schools at O/o DEO and In website14-06-2015
    2Applying for transfer in online and submission of application form printout to the concerned14-06-2015 to 20-06-2016
    3Display of final list of vacancies management wise, caegory wise, subjet wise and medium wise at O/o DEO and In website19-06-2015
    4Receiving application form hard copies by DEO from this office and verification of entitlement points by DEO21-06-2015
    5Display of lists at O/o DEO and in Website . Provisional Seniority lists with entitlement points for transfers . Provisional seniority list for promotions22-06-2015
    6Submission of Objections on seniority lists with proof to the DEO fro transfer and Promotions23-06-2015
    7Redressal of objections/ grievence by DEO24-06-2015 to 25-06-2015
    8Display of final seniority lists at O/o DEO and in Website for Tra sfers and Promotions26-06-2015
    9Transfers and Promotions Counselling

  • S.NoTransfers and Promotions CounsellingDate 
    aTransfers for HMs of ZP Management at Distrit Level and Head Masters of Govt.Management27-06-2015
    bPromotions for SAs as HMs of ZP management at District Level and HMs of Govt Management in Zonal level28-06-2015
    cTransfers of SAs in all Subjects of Govt/ZP management at District Level(TM, UM, EM) and for LFL HMs all Media29-06-2015 to 01-07-2015
    dPromotions for SGTS as SAs in all subjects of Govt./ZP management at district level(TM, UM, EM) and for LFL Hms all media02-07-2015 and 03-07-2015
    eTransfers for SGTs and equivalent cadres of ZP management and Govt Management04-07-2015 to 08-07-2015



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