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Monday, August 3, 2015

Scrutiny of - Salary, Diet and other maintenance Bills at District coordinator - Office for sending Budget proposals to Head Office


From                                                                                                        To
The District Coordinator,                                                                       The All Principals,
TSWREIS,                                                                                                  TSWR Schools,
Nalgonda Dist.                                                                                            Nalgonda Dist.                                               

                                Rc.No.A /Scrutiny of Bills/2015    Dt: 03.08.2015


                    Sub:- District Coordinator Office, TSWREIS-Nalgonda Dist- Scrutiny of
                              Salary, Diet and other maintenance Bills at District coordinator
                              Office for sending Budget proposals to Head Office – Scrutiny dates
                              are circulated to all TSWR schools of  Nalgonda Dist-Reg.
                    Ref:-  Procgs.Rc.No.Accts-II/2408/2014 Dt:02.02.2015 form the Secretary,
                             TSWREIS, Hyderabad.

             *                        *                       *           

                     Kind attention of all the Principals of 12 TSWR Institutions of Nalgonda District is invited to the reference cited, The Secretary, TSWREIS Hyderabad has instructed the District coordinator Officers to scrutiny the bills of 311(salaries) and 312(Diet and Other maintenance) bills every month for passing of Bills and submission of budget proposals in a Scheduled time.
                     In view of the above circumstance, the salaries, Diet and other maintenance bills are to be verified every month at District coordinate Office, Nalgonda for passing of bills. In order to avoid delay and confusion regarding the passing of bills, certain dates will be circulated for every institution on 1st of every month regarding the scrutiny of bills of Salary and Diet and other maintenance bills. It is mandatory that the bills are to be brought by the concerned individual who are dealing with Accounts of that Institution. And the details are as follows.

Dates for 312 Bills: (Diet and Other maintenance Bills of July-2015)

Institution to be attended at DC office for scrutiny
Addagudur and GV Gudem
Suryapet and Nadigudem
KondaMallepally and Dindi
Bhongir and Rajapet
Thungathurthy and Alair
Mattampally and Nakrekal
The Diet and Other maintenance bills should be submitted at DC Office along with  below requirements.

  1. Certification from Principal on Diet expenditure (Enclosed to this letter).
  2. Certification from principal on General bills (Enclosed to this letter).
  3. Menu Copy and Balance sheet of that Specific month
  4. Xerox copy of Mess keeping Committee Resolutions  (Thrice in a month).
  5. HKC Resolutions if any
  6. All Indents of all items with signatures of Mess committee Members.
  7. 3 Diet Registers
  8. Stock Entry Registers if any
  9. Every voucher must be in complete shape ( Sanction proceedings of principal, Bill form issued by DCO, Valid Invoice, Attestation of Principal on every bill, Stock Entry if needed, pass order appended on the bill, Advance stamp receipt, HKC Resolutions if needed(above Rs.3,000/-), Mess Committee  Resolutions if needed).
10.  Bills should be prepared separately Head wise and Firm wise.

Dates for 311 Bills: (Salary Bills for the month of August-2015)

Institution to be attended at DC Office for scrutiny
Suryapet,Nadigudem,Addagudur and GV Gudem
Kondamallepally,Dindi,Bhongir and Rajapet
Thungathurthy, Aler,Matampalli and Nakrekal

The Salary bills should be submitted at DC Office along with below requirements.

  1. Certification from the Principal on salaries (Enclosed).
  2. Staff pattern of that month(Enclosed)
  3. Different Bill forms for Teaching, Non-Teaching, Contract, Out sourcing
      ( Agency wise), Part time(work done statement).
  1. All deduction particulars (GSLI, P.Tax, HRA, Water charges, Electricty, FA,EA,APCO, Staff personal loans,IT,TDS) with individual bill forms certified by principal (Enclosed).
  2.  Attendance certificates of Regular, Contract, Out sourcing and Part time employees.
  3. Sanction orders such as Medical Leave proceedings, Annual Grade Increments etc.
  4. If the Principal is deducting standard HRA, the Principal should enclose approval copy of standard HRA deduction. If HRA standard deduction is not approved, the principal should deduct total HRA from the Individuals salary. 

                   Any kind of deviation in this regard will be viewed very seriously and explanation will be called for the delay for the submission of bills and the principal will be personally held responsible for not receiving the budget.

                                                                                                  District Coordinator
                                                                                              TSWREIS, Nalgonda Dist