Thursday, October 4, 2018

AISSEE VI entrance exam Syllabus 2019 for English:

AISSEE VI entrance exam Syllabus 2019 for English:

Composition/ Paragraph Writing
Comprehension Passages
Make Meaningful Sentence from Jumbled Words
Singular and Plural Forms
Affirmative and Interrogative
Antonyms and Synonyms
One Word Answers/ Fill in the Blanks
Framing Questions
Sentence Types (Interrogative, Positive, Negative, Exclamatory)
Constructing Sentences with Words, etc
AISSEE Class VI Entrance Exam Syllabus 2019-2020 for Mathematics:

Number System: (Place Value and Face Value of Numbers, Comparison of Numbers, Writing Greatest and Smallest numbers, Rounding off numbers, Fundamental Operations on number including BODMAS rule, Number Patterns and Series, LCM and HCF, Prime Factorisation, Squares and square roots, etc. )
Fractional and Decimals: ( Simplifications, Fundamental Operations Including BODMAS Rule, Lowest form and equivalent fractions, comparisons, squares and square roots, Conversion of fractions to decimals or percentages and vice versa, applications including word problems, etc)
Commercial Mathematics: (Time and work, Ration and Proportion, unitary method, percentages, profit and loss including percentages, simple interest, arithmetic mean, degree Fahrenheit, preparation of cash bills, time and distance including conversion of units, measurement of temperature in degree Celsius, etc.)
Mensuration: (Conversion of Units of Area and Volume, Perimeter and areas and of triangle – rectangle – square including given diagrams, circumference and area of circle, volumes of solids such as cube and cuboid, etc.)
Geometry: (Basic Geometry concepts such as line, point, line segment, ray, etc, triangles, classification of angles, Circle and its parts, quadrilaterals and polygons, interior and exterior of given figures, quadrilaterals, angle sum property of triangles, angles, triangles,circles, construction of line segments, etc)




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