Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How can I become confident ??

You are a king of your world, remember how you easily win arguments with your parents and control your siblings.

Take bath before you go outside, you will feel fresh and confident (you are not Genghis Khan)

Go well prepared or go with zero preparation both of them will make you confident. 

Convince yourself for anything you have to do, don't make others convince you. 

Accept yourself as a celebrity which you actually are amongst your friends. 

Stare in eyes and speak. 

Shake hands firmly (but don’t break them) 

Keep your morale & character above everything you will automatically be more confident.

When going for a meeting never think how much you need them? think how much they need you?

Stop caring about people! you don't need anyone to survive, you can do without anything and anyone. 

Be a semi-narcissist. Look at mirror everyday & admire yourself, you are special. 

Once you take a decision don't think about right or wrong just start working withconviction and defend it. 

Bosses would retirebeautiful girls would age, hirers would be fired someday, stars would flop, keep these small things in mind. 

Stop getting affected by the current situation “will i get this job?" “will she accept me?” “will he fire me?" because these are just temporary phases of life and once they pass they will lose relevance and just become age old memories. 

Never overthink “my world depends on this meeting" instead think “I will eat a burger after this meeting"  




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