Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The use ofSQ6R strategy is to help students understand the information in reading comprehension.

SQ6R is a strategy to help student to get information. SQ6R is usually used for textbooks or other material that the individual cannot understand even though the individual has attempted to understand the information by reading the material very slowly and carefully.

SQ6R is primarily intended for reading materials that the individual is having difficulty in understanding. The use ofSQ6R strategy is to help students understand the information in reading comprehension.

the reading technique SQ6R Suggested by Frances Robinson is the efficient technique, this technique consists of eight 8 steps.

S = Survey

Q = Question

R = Read

R = Record

R = Recite

R = Review

R = Reflect

R = Reshape

Survey : Student scan the prior text, noting titles headings, illustrations and graphics, skimming first and last paragraph - all is to help them anticipate content and develop a mental framework for the ideas they will learn the text.

Question : Student develop question about what they will read, either by turning the heading into question or by reading any chapter review question and considering possible answer. These questions guide their reading and act as their reading goal purpose.

Read : Student read the passage, actively searching for information that will answer their question

Record : Using their preferred note-taking method or graphic organizer, students record main ideas, concepts and details that answer the question.

Recite : Student revisit the question they raised earlier and deliberately attempt to answer them by rehearsing aloud what they learned

Review : Student summarize their learning in a manner that captures not only the passage’s main idea but also the relationship among those ideas, re reading portions of the text to clarify any ambiguous thinking.

Reflect : Student external refine what they have learned, analyzing its personal and academic relevance. They evaluate their learning process, considering whether the questions they posed and the notes they took helped them truly that focuses on and learn the key points.

Reshape : Student transform text information through personal expression. This might take the form of a self-test, a poster, a graphic organizer, or a written synthesis of what they have learned.




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