Tuesday, April 21, 2020

4 Motivational Story

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There lived two friends called John and Noah in a small village. One day they decided to travel the world and started their journey. They crossed many towns and then reached to a desert. They decided to take rest and have lunch in the shade. While eating, they entered into an argument. Noah became very angry and slapped John. John felt hurt, and without saying a word to Noah, he wrote on the sand "TODAY MY BEST FRIEND HAD SLAPPED ME ON MY FACE." After some time they started their journey again and reached a deep jungle. They saw a beautiful lake surrounded by, and they can't resist the temptation of taking a bath into it. John undressed and jumped into the lake first, but he got stuck into the deep mud lying below the beautiful lake water and started drowning. Noah saw all this, and with the help of a block of wood, he saved John. John thanked Noah for saving his life and then wrote on a stone "TODAY MY BEST FRIEND HAS SAVED MY LIFE." Amazed by all this Noah asked John "When I had slapped, you had written it on the sand and today when I have saved your life, you have written it on the stone, why? John replied, "When someone hurts us, we should write it down on sand so that wind can erase it away but when someone acts good to us or does some act of kindness then we should engrave it on the stone so that it can never be erased."
Moral of the story- We should learn to write our sad moments on the sand and carve our benefits on the stone.
B Ravinder (TGT-Eng)
Haith Nagar




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