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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TSWREIS- Acad-II- OP-Einstein 2015--Time Table for the academic year 2015-2016 – Science Upgraded Institutions- Certain instructions issued – Reg

                      Rc.No.Acad-II/ /Time Table/1504/4/2015  Dated: 07.07.2015

Sub:-   TSWREIS- Acad-II- OP-Einstein 2015- Time Table for the  academic year   2015-2016 – Science Upgraded Institutions –Certain instructions issued – Reg.
Ref:     Instructions of the Secretary, TSWREIS, Hyd. D. 0607.2015.
The attention of all the District Coordinators of TSWREI Society and all the Principals of TSWR institutions is drawn to the subject cited.
The Time-Table for the academic Year 2015-16 to be followed in Science Upgraded institutions in our society schools is herewith attached to implement with immediate effect.
Salient Features of time table
1.      1). Class room teaching instructions are limited to seven (07) periods only (9.15 am to 3.30 pm.
2.      Every day- Eighth (08) period (3.30 to 4.00 pm) is allotted for conducting Einstein 2015 Club activity in Mathematics and Physics to all classes (V to X class) and certain days to Intermediate as they have Practical classes during 7th & 8TH Periods.
3.      Work-Load to teachers are adjusted between 24 to 32 periods in a week. Practical periods are extra to instructional periods to JLs in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.
4.      In view of importance of Maths and Physics subjects, PGTs in Maths are       allotted class VII to teach Maths during 2015-16 duly reducing the additional      periods in class VIII and IX.
5.      Likewise, TGT in Maths is allotted to class V to focus on Maths teaching/Learning to be made easy and to eliminate Maths-Phobia in all students in lower sections.
6.      For class-V, Telugu to be taught by TGT (T) and Hindi ( Hindi alphabets, words-       Speaking, Reading, Writing, Rhymes etc.) by Hindi (P.T) as per time-table.
7.      Math Lab classes are allotted in this time table for classes from VI to IX basing on the availability of gap periods. These Math Lab classes are to be handled by the Maths, Physics teachers who are having Leisure in those periods. Otherwise, any other subject teacher may be allotted by the Principal to maintain the students in Math Lab. But a Maths teaching Assistant would help in conducting the class/ activity  under the guidance of Maths faculty concerned.
8.      Sufficient periods are allotted to class-V for Maths, EVS and English to do with Bridge Course and other relevant basic concepts to make the students be       thorough at lower level itself.
9.    For handling /dealing the subjects like English and  EVS, these periods are allotted to Part-Time teachers to be engaged exclusively to class-V. Their      services may be utilized for class-VI also in case, if the TGT in English and Science are given to class-V English and EVS. (A separate circular instruction will be given duly according permission to principals to engage two part time teachers for class-V. Till such time, the principals shoud not take part time teachers as stated above.)

Therefore all the  Principals  and teachers of TSWR institutions and all the District Coordinators of TSWREIS are hereby directed to follow the instructions given in this circular for strict implementation of time table with immediate effect  and see that all the students of V class to Intermediate  are engaged sufficiently in all subjects ( more focus & emphasis on Maths & Physics)  during this academic year. By implementing OP-Einstein 2015, every student of every class is expected to concentrate on learning of  all basic concepts, formulae, definitions, basic operations, principles etc in Maths and Physical science. Their correct responses to questions on fundaments will reflect the teacher’s competence / efficiency/proficiency level of teaching.


All the Principals of TSWR Institutions in the State
Copy to all the District Coordinators  in the State

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