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Monday, April 6, 2020

Telangana CM KCR asks PM Modi to extend 21-day lockdown

KCR appealed to PM Modi to hold video conferencing with chief ministers of all states before taking a decision.

Speaking to the media on Monday night, the CM stated that India may not be able to handle if the situation escalates due to the lockdown being hastily lifted. KCR has appealed to extend the lockdown for two more weeks after the current 21 lockdown ends on April 15.  

"The lockdown is the reason the country is saved and has seen very few cases. A country like India has to be careful otherwise it will become uncontrollable. We have no other choice except to obey the lockdown. The economy will get hurt and we are spending a lot of money. At least we are not seeing deaths like Italy, Spain and the US," KCR said.

Stating that he was in constant touch with the Prime Minister,  KCR said, "I told the Prime Minister that the lockdown should be extended. At least some of the restrictions should stay for a bit more. Otherwise, India will not be able to handle things if the lockdown is hastily lifted."

KCR further added that the country can recover from an economic problem but we cannot recover lives. “In a country like India with a poor infrastructure and with a lot of working force, the only way for us is a lockdown. I appeal to the Government of India and Prime Minister to extend the lockdown without hesitation, consult Chief Ministers of all states, through video conferencing, am sure something positive will come.”

The CM was also upset that news agency ANI and ET misreported his words and claimed that he had already announced an extension of the lockdown.