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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Trigonometry Formulas For Class 10

Trigonometry is the study of relationships between angles, lengths, and heights of triangles. It includes ratios, function, identities, formulas to solve problems based on it, especially for right-angled triangles. Applications of trigonometry are also found in engineering, astronomy, Physics and architectural design. This chapter is very important as it comprises many topics like Linear Algebra, Calculus and Statistics.

It is a completely new and tricky chapter where one needs to learn all the formula and apply them accordingly. Trigonometry Class 10 formulas are tabulated below.

Applying Pythagoras theorem for the given right-angled triangle, we have:
The Trigonometric properties are given below:
S.noPropertyMathematical value
1sin APerpendicular/Hypotenuse
2cos ABase/Hypotenuse
3tan APerpendicular/Base
4cot ABase/Perpendicular
5cosec AHypotenuse/Perpendicular
6sec AHypotenuse/Base
Relation Between Trigonometric Identities:
1tan Asin A/cos A
2cot Acos A/sin A
3cosec A1/sin A
4sec A1/cos A
Trigonometric Identities:

  1. sin2A + cos2A = 1
  2. tan2A + 1 = sec2A
  3. cot2A + 1 = cosec2A

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