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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Importance of Bio-science conceptual videos


Importance  of  making conceptual videoclips:-

✍️ From Bio-science  group  conceptual  video clips are prepared  to make learning  process easy due to present pandemic corona situations. 
✍️These videos help the students to understand  the concepts simple and nicely at their home to reach academic standards under the absent of guidance of facilitators in present condition.
✍️Even after reopening of the school also subject  teachers can use this videos during teaching learning process and in smart classes also with out  searching for other videos and to save the valuable time in the classroom.
✍️Divide the chapter into several concepts. According to that videos are selected. They are in simple language easy to understand

IX class Bioscience  videos are prepared based on the importance of the  concepts from the text book  is linked with the modules in the manner of simple to higher level.

✍️ These videos prepared to  make concept simple, easy and grab the attention  of  the  students to  get mastery over their  modules.

✍️Most of the conceptual animation videos create interest towards topic while learning  the concepts  in  the  classroom. 

✍️ videos  of 1,3,6 chapters  of IX Bio-science text books would be a valuable source of information to  the  students  to meet  with Academic standards.

✍️ Videos of 8,10,11 chapters provide brief account on an important aspects of challenges  in  agricultural, Soil pollution, Bio-chemical cycles  mainly greenhouse  effect, Ozone layer help the students  in getting an idea about  the applicative importance of the information in human life.

✍️ videos help the students  to  understand and learn the modules to meet with 50% of Edgar dales cone of learning experiences.

✍️ videos  of  2, 4, 5, 7 Chapters possess different  activities  and  experiments which make students active learners  according to the  Edgar dales cone of learning  experiences  when the  students  use all the  senses and skills in learning by  doing particular  concepts, then the retention levels is 90%.

✍️Thank you to Secretary  Sir, Shashi mam to giving this opportunity  to make conceptual  videos. Thanks to Ganesh sir for helping  the organized 
arragement of videos from the teachers.

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