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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Human Rights Day speech - 3

Good evening my dear friends, I welcome you all to this special seminar organized on the Human Rights Day!

How often do we all say that women are treated differently from men, how unsafe women are in the society, majority of the population is uneducated, there should exist no white people and black people difference, etc. etc. What all does this mean?

This means that we all humans want men and women to be treated equally, we want social security for women and all others, we want everybody to be educated and we want to discrimination. We all want to make this happen. Just like these mentioned before and many more are the rights that we wish for.

These human rights have been laid down after many efforts and discussions for human beings to satisfy their basic needs. Human rights are those rights which are necessary for a dignified and a decent living of humans as well as human existence and adequate development of human personality. Human rights are essential for the development of the human personality in society, where he lives.

Out of the entire audience present here, I am pretty sure that a few of them might not be completely aware about the 30 human rights universally announced by the United Nations in the year 1948. In order to safeguard the humans and their well being, 30 specific human rights were announced. 10th December is officially celebrated as the day of human rights.

Every human right should be utilized and be adhered to. We all owe the responsibility to spread the message of these rights amongst all the people.

Among all the rights, for me the most crucial is the Right to Education one. For me it is the birthright of everyone to get the education. There are numerous benefits of getting the education. The one who is educated has the power of changing their own lives and the lives of others as well. Right of education is the one that has the foremost importance. We all should be well aware of each of these rights, many efforts have been put in decades before to list down and propose these rights. At present there exists a crucial step of protection of these human rights.

We all should understand that the human rights are those rights that are fundamental for the living of human beings and for the normal human existence. For every country’s government and citizens it is very very important to protect and maintain the human rights. It is their fundamental duty. We all should avail our rights and should dedicatedly work for creating the awareness amongst the population about these rights. Each of the 30 listed human rights are necessary for our well being and existence in the society. I request you all to please share the message with your near and dear ones to spread the existence of these rights.

Thank you!