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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Human Rights Day speech - 4

Good Morning Friends!

Thank You for taking out time and joining me at this meeting today. I wanted to share an important invitation that has come from the Local Government to our Organisation. We have been invited to support the government and join the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ or ‘Clean India Mission’. The campaign is run all over the town and will be launched on December 10 which is also the Human Rights Day. The campaign has been run for past one year with little or no progress in the town. Thus, we have been invited to get involved and help in fulfilling the mission by obtaining better results.

Human Rights Day is the best day for its launch as the day is basically celebrated for honouring the rights of people. It calls on everybody to stand up for self and other’s rights. Likewise, living in clean environment and surrounding is everyone’s right and it is important for staying healthy too. Disrespect and Insolence for basic human rights continues to exist in almost every part of our country. People litter without any value and care for others. I have myself seen most of the educated people, especially in parks and gardens litter carelessly despite the availability of dustbins, etc.

I strongly feel that we must restate our common humanity; noble deed doesn’t always need financial or physical support. In fact, wherever we are, we can make a difference. On the street, in our neighbourhood, at parks, schools, work, in public transport, etc. It’s time for each one of us to take a stand for our and other’s rights and together we can certainly make a difference. A small step can make a big difference. We will go to every school and college to share thoughts on cleanliness. We will also get hoardings and banners printed and hanged at the streets, parks, etc. to make people aware about the benefits of keeping the surrounding clean.

Not necessarily our gesture has to be grand; a simple step such as understanding the difference between wet and dry litter and throwing those accordingly in the correct dustbin would save so many lives. It’s important to make people understand that litters not only pollute the environment, but it also spreads several diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya.

It’s a grand mission and I have already given my confirmation to the government about joining it; I am looking for volunteers who can support me throughout. I would like to make you aware that this is going to be a charity work, thus you won’t get any payment apart from off-course appreciation and recognition. Also, I’ll be requiring your presence on Saturdays and Sundays when the office is closed. This may sound too much to ask for, but it’s going to last for 3 months, so your cooperation is highly solicited. There is no pressure on you guys at all, though it’s absolutely a voluntary deed. We have plans to begin this work next week; interested people may send me a mail directly. Agenda will be prepared and shared soon. You may also write to me, if you want more information in this regard.

Thank You!