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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

International Women’s Day SPEECH 1

Respected Chief Guest, Guests of Honour, Directors of the ‘ABC for women’, Party organisers and the visitors!

First of all, I would like to welcome you all to the 7th annual Award Distribution Ceremony. Like every year, we have organised the event on the International Women’s Day as our Organisation is a Non-Profit Organisation that works for the development of deprived women in various parts of the country. Started just 7 years ago, it gives me immense pleasure to share that today we have 15 branches across India and the fame of our NGO has spread across the world. Since International Women’s Day is celebrated globally to honour the achievements of women in the field of Social, politics and economy; therefore this celebration is organized to give recognition to these personalities. We have several people working voluntarily for the NGO in order to contribute to the welfare of women and to the society subsequently.

Celebrated on 8th March, every year, the significance of International Women’s Day is increasing year after year and has become a custom today. It appears as a celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women. It is glad to know that Women’s Day is also celebrated in colleges and schools nowadays which instil respect and care for women in the minds of young brains since their childhood itself. It also forms an essential part of the curriculum in some schools in order to spread the knowledge and awareness of women empowerment, their position in the society and their achievements.

I have been given this opportunity to host the program and I am extremely glad since this is an opportunity for me to thank all those women who have played an important role in my life. I probably never wish verbally these ladies on the ‘International Women’s Day’, but deep inside my heart I always thank them for being in my life and shaping it the way it is today.

My mother, my sister and my wife are the three important women in my life, who have not only made me a better person and supported me through thick and thin, but also inspired me to join this NGO and do something fruitful for the society. On professional front, I met Mrs. A and Mrs D at this organisation and after witnessing their hard work and knowing about the hardships they have been through in the past, they have become the greatest inspirations for me. In fact, all the women colleagues and staffs here, irrespective of your position and posts, you all are wonderful creations of God because you not only manage the office well but also ensure that every need of your house is met perfectly. That’s the reason, our NGO always emphasize upon giving due honour to the women in their life. They need respect, care, support and motivation from us.

Today’s woman is no longer a dependent soul; she is Independent and self-reliant in every respect and is capable of doing everything. Let’s recognise the importance of their existence and motivate them for the future achievements.

Thank You!