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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mother’s Day Speech -1

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, our company has organized this event on the auspicious occasion of “The Mother’s Day” and I would like to thank all the beautiful mothers who came here to grace this event. Today, not only as a manager but as a child, I am feeling blessed that I have get this opportunity to thank my mother for everything that she did and is still doing for me. She is a big reason for everything precious I got in my life and she is the most precious of them all. She found her happiness in my happiness. For me, it is the most blissful part of my life when she smiles.

I guess, it will be true to say that the relationship of mother-child is the most beautiful and an inseparable bond that we all have in this world. For me she is the person who taught me how to stand on my own feet by holding my hand and it was she who taught me how to learn from mistakes. She was there for me to help selflessly without expecting anything in return except love. I can leave every luxury for my mother because I feel more relaxed and peaceful with my mother and there is no substitute to it.

Mother is the most important person in one’s life and so is to me. When I reach home, it feels like nobody is there in the house if my mother is not there. In my childhood, when I falls and got injured, the first word that explodes through my mouth is (mummy) mother because I always know that my mother is there for me in every situation and from that time to now there is nothing that has changed in our relation. Today I am a manager of this huge prosperous company and my mother is the biggest reason for my success.

With her everything feels easy because I know that she is behind me. In my childhood, she stood asleep during my exams just for my help and so that I could prepare for it well. She did infinite sacrifices for my happiness and success selflessly. She is a true goddess who gave me my life, happiness and everything that I have today. Every mother did and is still doing sacrifices selflessly and thus they deserve huge respect from everyone. Without a mother, our creation would be impossible. For me, she did everything she could and now when I am fully grown, it is my turn to do everything that is possible to make my mother happy. I believe that no one has enough potential that a mother has because the sacrifices that she does for her child no one has that potential to do that much. There is a mother behind every child who gain success and that is the reason it was said that there is a women behind every successful person which means mother.

Now, at the end of my speech I would like to grab this opportunity to thank our company’s owner who gave me this opportunity to organize this auspicious event for our mothers and for the opportunity to thank my mother and I hope that this will become the most memorable day for our mothers and for us too.

Thank you all very much and I wish you all a great day ahead!