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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mother’s Day Speech -2

Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friend!

Today we all have gathered here on the account of mother’s day and as a head girl of this school I am feeling very fortunate that I have got this opportunity to say a few words for our mothers. Although, every day of our lives would be dedicated to our parents but as this day has been labeled as “The Mother’s Day” so it became quite special for our mothers and for us too. Mother’s day is being celebrated from thousands of years ago since ancient period. In India we follow the tradition of worshiping goddess and it is just similar to the mother’s day. On this day we get a chance to show our gratitude and love towards our mothers. A mother dedicates her whole life to her children without expecting anything in return. The only thing she wants is be loved by her children. For her, a hug from her children is bigger than anything in this world and so is for us as children.

Despite many relations, the most transparent and selfless relation that we all have in our lives is that what we share with our mother. It does not matter that how difficult the situation is, a mother is always there for her children till her last breath. Some children do not understand the value of their mother but at the time when they came to realize it, it is already late. They send their mothers to an old age home which is a very shameful act. Many people compare mothers with The God but she is an actual goddess that we can see with our eyes. A mother is a goddess who gave us our lives through infinite sacrifices that no one else can ever do that much for anybody. There is nothing in the entire universe that could be compared with our mothers. A mother is a most reliable person in our lives. She is a person who we can trust blindly in every situation. It is very difficult to imagine a world without a mother because she is the reason behind creation of this entire world.

She stands behind her child for the support that he/she wants and it is our duty to give her the support at the time when she is in need. Behind every person’s success there is a most caring and a helping hand of his/her mother. Without a mother life seems impossible. She is the person who teaches her child to walk on his/her own feet. Today we all have this worthy opportunity to thank our mothers for raising us and for all her support because without her we would not be standing here on this day. A mother is a picture of sacrifices and dedication. Let us make this day a most memorable and a precious day for our mothers.

On this note, I would like to extend special thanks for my mother for everything and for all of you for your patience.

I wish you a great day ahead!