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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mother’s Day Speech -3

Respected Principal, Honorary Managing Committee, Respected Teachers, Loving Mothers and My Dear Fellow Students – Good Morning to one and all!

Today, on such a special occasion of Mother’s day, I welcome everyone to the school auditorium. Being a head girl of this school, I have been given this wonderful opportunity by the managing committee to deliver a speech on Mother’s Day. I feel greatly privileged and want to thank the committee for giving me this honor. However, once I finish my speech any fellow student of mine can come and join me on stage to express his/her feelings.

It feels really good to see all the children’s mothers under one roof and the atmosphere has become so vibrant with their presence. We all know that May 10 is dedicated to all the mothers and hence is celebrated as Mother’s Day. So it is the best time for all the children to express their love and gratitude towards their mothers and make them feel special through special ways. It goes without saying that our mother is the most important relationship that God gifts us with; she is someone who makes our lives fulfilling and worth living. The special connection and bonding that we share with her cannot be described in words. She is the one who showers unconditional love on us and nurtures our lives through her valuable lessons and teachings. She helps us find the right path when we stumble and with her support we can overcome any difficulties of life. Her blessings remove the stumbling blocks from our path and help us accomplish our goals.

So does it not become our duty to listen to our mothers patiently and give them due importance in our lives?

There have been many philosophers who raised a mother’s position to the level of deities and compared her to the goddess. This is in fact quite true as she gives us birth and is the reason behind our existence on this earth. She is responsible for making our lives beautiful and meaningful. So someone who adds so many colors to our lives, does it not become our responsibility as children to make her feel loved and special in many ways? However, she doesn’t expect grand things from us, just a thoughtful gesture that can make her realize her importance in our lives.

So don’t miss today’s time and tell her how special she is for you and that she is really like a priceless gift in your life. Celebrate this day with your mother and make sure that by the end of this day she knows how much dear she is to you.

Sometimes, we forget the struggle and pain of our mothers in raising us and inadvertently hurt her through our actions. Always remember that our mothers will never share her days of struggles with us, but in many ways we can always try to ease her burden and help her in her work. I am sure you all will agree to the fact that she is like an angel in disguise, who is continuously praying for our better lives and showering us with her love and kindness.

So let’s come together and make this moment a special one for her. 

Thank You!