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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

World Population Day Speech -3

Good Morning everyone, Thanks for get together on this occasion, today I am going to deliver a speech on World Population Day,

World Population is observed on July 11 and is being observed across the globe. It aims at spreading the awareness of global population issues. People should be aware on various issues such as the importance of family planning, maternal health, poverty. As on statistics received World’s population has reached 7 billion people in 2016 which is again a serious issue to think upon.

By the grace of almighty we have been blessed with the many resources on this planet but do we actually able to retain those resources or can we sustain without being felicitated with such resources. No, we cannot so in order to have sustainable future we need to buck up to control this increasing population.

The Moto of celebrating this day is also directed towards the health issues as every year number of women’s are entering to their reproductive years and it is necessary to pay attention towards their reproductive health. People should be aware on family planning, use of contraceptives and safety measures which can prevent sex related issues.

As in recent study it was noticed that youngsters between the age group of 15-19 are getting sexually involved and giving rise to the sexually transmitted diseases.

In lieu of all the above facts it has been initiated to celebrate this day every year to bring awareness in people about living a healthy life and to protect our human rights.

Thank You!